Chimney Roof Flashings

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Chimney crickets are part of the chimney flashing system and located at the back (also referred to as top) of the chimney. Most people don't know what a cricket is so we wanted to explain what one is and its function. The chimney cricket is designed to channel water around each side of the back of the chimney when water drains off your roof. The cricket can be made of wood or metal and requires a knowledgeable roofer to flash it correctly. The cricket is part of the total chimney flashing system that keeps your roof from leaking. The other flashings go onto the sidewalls of the chimney, the front (also referred to as bottom) of the chimney, counter flashing around the perimeter to seal the base flashings, and the cap of the chimney. Every chimney has different wall veneer such as brick, stone, siding, or stucco and each has to be flashed differently to provide protection for this area of the roof.  Proper flashing is required or you will have leaks and probably will cause the roof decking wood to rot due to water intrusion. Make sure the roofing company you call to fix a chimney leak problem is well trained in flashing the various types of chimneys properly. See the photos to get a better understanding of what a properly flashed chimney looks like. After the flashing work is completed, the flashings should be painted to give a nice look to your chimney area.  The photos to the right display a brick chimney that changes pitch of the roof at the chimney.  The roof transitions from a shingle roof to a flat roof membrane in the pictures.  All chimneys have their own unique set of variables and we can provide the expertise your specific problem.

Proper chimney flashings
Roof repair on chimney